Spare Squadron

Spare Squadron, officially the 444th Fighter Squadron, is a former penal military unit in the Alliance Joint Military, formerly under the command of by Colonel D. McKinsey in the Liuo'opui Universe. The unit is comprised of Allied military personnel who have committed some form of crime. Members of this squadron are considered expendable by the Alliance Joint Military.[2] Following Operation Flush, Spare Squadron was recognized as a legitimate Alliance Joint Military squadron, and all members were pardoned.[3]

The squadron had no standardized aircraft, but all planes were decorated with "sin lines" on the tails in the form of white dashes blocking out previous unit decals. The number of marks depended on the severity of the crime committed.[4] Spare Squadron was first stationed at the 444th Air Base in Zapland, Liuo'opui Earth,[5] and was later transferred to the isolated space station in Corellia.

Species joined the Spare Squadron Edit

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