"We bring new technologies to bring victory to the Alliance of Nations!"- the motto of the SRPA

SRPA logo

The Special Research Projects Administration (SRPA) was a allied military organization that was tasked in studying and finding different conventional means in defeating various factions that the Alliance faced. Although it was a sub-group of the Allied Labs, it quickly became the Allies answer's to the Axis's Laboratories 265 in regards to it's military development, It's founders are a Seran Human named Adam Jonathon Fenix , a Russian loyalist named Fyodor Malikov, a Vektan named Evelyn Batton, a Mordeshi named Dr. Victor Lazarin, and a Terran Human Named Dr. Ariel Hanson , this group is the Special Research Division and Intelligence Service that created many unusual weapons and provided high value assets.

List of Projects Edit

Project Phoenix

Project Nova

Project MIKE

Project Abraham

Project Return

Project Acrused

Project Tekla

SRPA Facilities Edit

Each SRPA base is unique in its own way, such as being a underwater base, but are commonly include with underground garage/hangar bays for aircraft and vehicles. In each SRPA base, Tac-Com directs all SRPA para-military actions including classified missions. Subsurface levels are dedicated to administration, medical, and food services. Living quarters being located deeper underground, and protected by a matrix of pathways in which pre-positioned explosives offered a defense against underground attacks, such as being breached by Chimeran Burrowers.[1]

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