Squiggoth art

A Squiggoth is the largest species of Squigs, a form of ravenous Orkoid creature used by Orks as food and pack animals. Squiggoths are most commonly used by pre-industrial Feral Orks, but can be found among their more technologically advanced spacefaring counterparts as well. However, this variety of Squig is just as capable as a weapon, and can sow devastation in its wake as it transports Ork Boyz and their weapons across the battlefield. The Magos Biologis of the Adeptus Mechanicus have identified Squiggoths as fungal lifeforms, though they are fairly rare and can only be grown to their largest size by the specialist breeder Pigdokz of the Snakebites Clan. The size of the Squiggoth is determined by the effectiveness of the feed-formula the breeder gives his creature. A Squiggoth's size ranges from that of a Leman Russ tank to that of a small Titan, although generally they are somewhere between these two extremes of size. Squiggoths are reptilian in nature and resemble Terran dinosaurs, although there have also been reports of mammoth-like Squiggoths adapted to cold climates that possess heavy fur and tusks. Squiggoths used for combat will have armoured barding placed around the creature's neck and head, along with a small armoured howdah (or even a fort on the largest Squiggoths) built on the creature's back. The fort carries Ork Boyz, along with powerful Ork artillery pieces such as Supa-Lobbas.

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