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The Ssi-ruuvi Imperium was the government and holdings of the Ssi-ruuvi. The Shreeftut, leader of the Imperium, reigned over a swathe of the Unknown Regions known as the Ssi-ruuk Star Cluster from the capital of the Imperium, Lwhekk. The Imperium was also governed by the Conclave and the Elders Council. It joined the Coalition of Independent States.

Government Edit

"They figure returning the body of their Grand Shreeftut will temporarily appease the Ssi-ruuvi Conclave, even if it arouses the Elder's Council. The resulting conflict should keep them occupied for a while, at least."
―Leia Organa Solo[src]

The head of the Ssi-ruuvi Imperium was His Potency the Shreeftut who was an elective monarch that served with absolute authority for life. The Shreeftut was endowed with executive powers over the Imperium and was elected by both the Conclave, and the Elders Council.[5] The Conclave was in charge of religious affairs and was dominated by the gold-scaled priestly caste while the Elder’s Council administrated the socio-economic aspects of the Imperium and was dominated by the blue-scaled aristocratic class. [5]

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