Imperial II-class Star Destroyer], second generation of the Axis of Empires's signature vessel

Star Destroyer was a term used to describe both a certain type of medium-sized capital ship used by the Alliance of Nations (namely the Old Republic and New Republic), the Axis of Empires (namely the Galactic Empire), the Coalition of Independent States (namely the Zann Consortium) and many other independent factions as well as heavily armed warships in general. The term originated with the idea of a warship powerful enough to destroy entire star systems, and did not necessarily indicate a destroyer type vessel. Despite this, Star Destroyers were sometimes referred to as destroyers themselves. One such Star Destroyer was the Venator-class Star Destroyer of the Galactic Republic. In the Anaxes War College System, any warship that

was between 1 and 2 kilometers in length qualifies as a Star Destroyer, excepting cases where the vessel, despite its length matching that of a Heavy Cruiser or battlecruiser, had less or more armaments than their class or role. Examples include the 900m Victory-series of Star Destroyer and the 2.2km Secutor-class Star Destroyer. even though the Axis widely uses these starships, the Combines use their own class of Starships.

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