State of froggitaly flag

The State of Froggitaly is a fascist republic and dictatorship led by Benito Slavagangi and it is the smallest of the major superpowers. An ally to the Cambrian Empire, Froggitaly is at conflict with the Germanican Empire to the north and Amestris to the east. The country's relation with the West have improved and are much closer to an alliance, compared to the relationship with Drachma, which is a communist state that remains hostile to the West and South. Since 2021, it has been repaired with all of its worlds except its northern border, which has suffered extreme casualties from air raids, looting, and guerilla warfare. Its capital planet is Frolinia. As of recent events, the Froggi (what's left of it) have joined the Alliance of Nations after what happened during the Combine-Aurelian War.

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