AUG A3, a modernized variant of the AUG

The AUG is an Austrian bullpup 5.56x45mm NATO assault rifle, designed in the 1960s (1290s N.E) by Steyr Mannlicher. The AUG (Armee-Universal-Gewehr—"universal army rifle") was adopted by the Vilkananian Republic. The AUG, a bullpup 5.56mm automatic rifle, is a selective fire weapon with a conventional gas piston operated action that fires from a closed bolt. Designed as a family of rifles that could be quickly adapted to a wide variety of roles with the change of the barrel to a desired length and profile, the AUG is a modular configuration rifle that employs a high level of polymer and advanced alloy components. In production since 1978 (1308 N.E), it is the standard small arm of the Vilkananian Republic and the United Earth Federation (two of them uses the AUG A3 variant, a modern variant that is able to fit optics and other attachments.), The Army of Stormwind and the United Commonwealths of Worlds uses the F88 Austeyr, the Australian version of the AUG. There is also a LMG variant of the AUG, the HBAR, which also used by the United Earth Federation

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