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The Strike-class medium cruiser was a medium star cruiser designed by the Loronar Corporation as a general-purpose vessel capable of modular modifications to allow it to fit many mission profiles, yet cheap enough to be produced in large quantities. They were used by the Alliance of Nations, the Axis of Empires,Imperialist Alliance,Pact of Revolutionary Civilizations and the Coalition of Independent States.

Description Edit

The 450-meter long Strike-class was capable of challenging larger Alliance cruisers with its surprisingly heavy load of firepower, strong shields, and high sublight speed. Armaments included 20 turbolaser cannons, 10 turbolaser batteries, ten ion cannons, and some point-defense weapons.

The order of battle considered two Strike-class cruisers the equivalent of one Victory-class Star Destroyer.

In addition, the interior storage space of the Strike-class could be modified for different missions. The most common sets were designed for planetary garrison, space superiority, and planetary assault. Planetary garrison loadouts included an assault company, two MBTs teams, one heavy assault teams, and several support FAVs; space superiority included up to three squadrons of starfighters; the planetary assault loadout included five tank groups. However, the internal storage spaces and skeletal structure proved weak against enemy fire once the shields were down.

History Edit

A departure from the trend towards increasingly large warships, the Strike Cruiser was built by the Loronar Corporation to rectify a perceived weakness in the Axis Navy’s space superiority against growing threats from the Allies and the Horde. Capable of using its surprisingly heavy armament to challenge much larger vessels, the Strike Cruiser remained a popular starship design and was still in frequent use by both the Imperialists and the Coalition in the First Aftermath.

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