StG 60

The Sturmgewehr 1960 (English: Assault Rifle 1960) or StG 60 is an assault rifle streamlined the short range and long range weapons into a single weapon. The 7.92mm kurz rounds combined the automatic fire of the MP40 with the stopping power of the Mauser. The STG60 could be equipped with any type of attachment. The automatic fire setting allowed a regular soldier to lay down supressing fire like an MG42. The weapon is shown to have an unnecessarily under slung oversized mini-rocket launcher. It has also been seen mostly with the use of a fore grip mounted underneath the hand guard for easier handling of the weapon, despite the lack of a trigger for the launcher, the rifle's only trigger acts as the launcher's trigger mechanism due to being integrated onto the weapon. Today the STG60 sees most of its action in the hands of the Greater German Empire and members (namely the Facist Elerians). The STG-60 appears to be heavily influenced by post war NATO "battle rifles" mainly the FN FAL, Heckler & Koch G3 and M14.

Variants Edit

There are variants of the STG60:

  • STG-60: The standard-variant
  • STG-60M: Modernized version of the STG-60 fitted with picatinny rails that can accept with any type of attachment
  • MMG-60: IAR Version of the STG-60 to rival the HAMR and M27 IAR of the Allies
  • FG-60: Paratrooper Version
  • PSG-60: Sniper rifle version of the STG-60
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