Suchomimus ("crocodile mimic") is a genus of large spinosaurid dinosaur with a crocodile-like skull that lived between 121–113 million years ago, during the late Aptian stage of the Cretaceous period in Niger, Africa.[1] The only species named in the genus is Suchomimus tenerensis. After been saved by the Zhecrons to prevent them extinct, they were transported into the planet Zhecronus, the Sucomimus now thrive within the forests near the riverside, where they could find plenty of fish alongside other spinosaurs. Despite some tourists seeing them as "dangerous", they are actually harmless in nature as they only eat fish and small rodents, although they could use their sharp jaws to protect themselves from a certain threat.

The length of the type specimen of Suchomimus, a subadult, was initially estimated at 11 m (36 ft). In 2007, its weight was estimated at between 2.6 and 5.2 tonnes (2.6 and 5.1 long tons; 2.9 and 5.7 short tons).[2] In 2010, Gregory S. Paul gave lower estimations of 9.5 metres and 2.5 tonnes.[3]

The describers established some unique derived traits or autapomorphies of Suchomimus. The praemaxilla has an upward branch excluding the maxilla from the bony nostril. The neural spines on the rear dorsal, sacral and front tail vertebrae are expanded in side view. The upper corners of the humerus are robust. The humerus has a boss above the condyle that contacts the radius, that is hook-shaped.[4]

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