The Swift Assault 5 was a hovercraft manufactured by the Mekuun Corporation. Mekuun Corporation's[1] Swift Assault 5[3] was a 15.9 meter-long hovercraft.[2] It employed four Kasmin three-stage turbopumps to generate an air cushion. Kasmin's turbopumps were the most refined heavy-duty air blower of its type available, permitting the Swift Assault 5 to produce extra elevation and float when required. A Gurian S87 "perpetual charge" power plant dynamo provided power for the hoverscout; a power capacitor started the air blower rotation, and the energy generated by the vehicles air cushion was recycled via back-blast impellers to supplement the S87's power generation. The efficient engine design gave the Swift Assault 5 a longer operational range than equivalent vehicles of its size and type.[1]

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