Syal Antilles was the eldest daughter of Wedge Antilles and Sera Antilles. She was born in 2005 N.E on Corellia, and though her mother was often away due to her Alliance Defense Force obligations, she inherited her love of piloting. During the Second War, Syal, her mother, and her younger sister Myri were forced to flee their home on Mar Sara when it fell to the Imperialists. While Iella Wessiri Antilles returned to active service as an Intelligence officer, Syal and Myri were sent to a Jedi sanctuary in The Maw for their safety. Years after the end of the Second War, Syal and the rest of her family moved back to the Antilles homeworld of Corellia. She completed school there and eventually joined the Galactic Alliance Defense Fleet as a starfighter pilot, training under her mother's old wingman, Kara Thrace.

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