Sylvanas's Defaced CIS Emblem

"One Confederation! One Queen!"

Sylvanas Windrunner's Confederacy of Independent Systems, also called the New Separatist Alliance, Second Confederacy of Independent Systems,[source?] Sylvanas's Separatists or simply the New Separatists, was the government that formed out of the former Old Galactic Republic, when Sylvanas Windrunner, Banshee Queen, and their with couple of former Axis and Horde members made a coup against Bail Organa and other MF leaders. The government was composed of the Separatist Council, which commanded the Separatist Military and agencies, such as Separatist Intelligence and the Imperial Diplomatic Corps. However, the Separatists answered to the Dark Lady, who herself became the Dark Queen.

The New Separatists fought the Multiversial Federation throughout the Nationalist Wars. A major problem during the war was that many officers (and sometimes, enter military units) defected to the MF, as Vul Isen noted, and many incompetent ones were promoted to replace them.

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