Fallout4 Render SynthGen2

A Generation 2 Synth

Synths are androids created by The Institute and found in the Commonwealth and later the Multiverse during and after the Combine Occupation of Fialer Earth. The Combines started using these Synths as a means to infiltrate the planet's local population, though not all of them where loyal to the Combines.

History Edit

Synths, created by the mysterious Institute, are classified into one of three generations depending upon their complexity. Generation 1 synths are purely mechanical humanoids with skeletal appearances; consequently, they are crude representations of living humans. Like their predecessors, Generation 2 synths are also mechanical, but have more advanced frames that are partially or fully covered in plastic panels that serve as "skin"; they might pass for humans if not closely inspected. Generation 3 synths represent the pinnacle of synth technology; with bio-mechanical bodies capable of respiration, bleeding, consuming, and mimicking emotions and sensations, Generation 3 synths are indistinguishable from true humans. When the Combines occupied Fialer Earth, they created the 4th Generation of synths by using their far more advanced technolgy to create fully organic beings by using cloning technologies and replacing the organic brain with a cybernetic brain.

List of Known Synths Edit

First Generation Edit

Second Generation Edit

Third Generation Edit

  • X6-88
  • Paladin Danse (M7-97)
  • Doyle
  • Gabriel (B5-92)
  • Harkness (A3-21)

Fourth Generation Edit

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