The All Systems Commonwealth, Systems Commonwealth, or the Commonwealth, is a democratic federation of 1,022,347 planets, drifts, space stations, various orbital habitats, and even entire solar systems. The Commonwealth was a federal state created from the Vedran Empire. The Vedrans, a quadruped race originating from planet Tarn-Vedra, were the first known race to discover Slipstream, the only known way to travel faster-than-light. The Vedrans built their empire by traveling to the different star systems and conquering the inhabitants and colonizing the uninhabited worlds. However, the empire soon became too large, with the Vedrans being a statistical minority in their own empire. The Vedrans came to a compromise with the alien species that they had relations with or had conquered, and the Commonwealth was created. The Commonwealth was formed as a democratic federation of planets, drifts (space stations or orbital habitats), and systems. The Commonwealth (and its preceding Empire) was spread across three galaxies ("Tri-Galaxies"). The first Commonwealth lasted for about 5,500 standard years, starting with a time of political reform and ending with a violent civil war between Commonwealth member species and subsequent invasion by the terrifying Magog. The Systems Commonwealth joined the Alliance of Nations

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