"She does kind of grow on you."

– Carlist Rieekan

T'Pol was a Vulcan who served aboard Enterprise NX-01. She was the first Vulcan to serve aboard a Human ship for any substantial period. Like many traditional Vulcans, T'Pol was a vegetarian but was open to exploring a variety of other foods and beverages. She enjoyed chamomile and mint teas and experimented with Earth dishes, including pecan pie and Georgia peaches. Although she initially held to the Vulcan practice of not eating with her hands, no matter how impractical, she later would be seen occasionally breaking this rule. Practicing regimented meditation, T'Pol rarely deviated from her routine.

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T'Pol was born to T'Les and her husband in 1452 N.E. As a child, T'Pol was betrothed to a Vulcan named Koss; their marriage was due to be conducted in adulthood. Raised in a house near the capital city on Vulcan, young T'Pol had and cared for a pet Sehlat. She was also told about the family secrets not recorded in her second foremother's T'Mir's official account of her stay in Carbon Creek, Pennsylvania after crash landing nearby in 1957. T'Mir had kept her Human purse from Earth and it had become a family heirloom.

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  • Malcolm Reynolds

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