The TIE/sh VIP shuttle (also TIE/sh shuttle, TIE/sh, or TIE shuttle) was a short-range personal priority shuttle manufactured by Sienar Fleet Systems as part of the TIE Series. Like the similar TIE/br boarding shuttle, the TIE/sh was one of the more successful variant models of Sienar's basic TIE/sa bomber design. The TIE/sh afforded room for up to four individuals as well as additional cargo in its well-appointed port-side passenger pod. Measuring 7.8 meters long and not designed for combat, the TIE/sh was equipped with a single laser cannon and a shield generator but lacked other advances. The Galactic Empire typically used the TIE/sh to quickly ferry command-level officers between starships and other installations, though the shuttle was an unpopular mode of transportation for those using it, as they preferred the luxury of the larger Lambda-class shuttle.

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