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The TIE Phantom, also referred to as a Phantom V38, was a prototype TIE Series starfighter developed by the Axis during the First War. A modified V38 assault fighter, the TIE Phantom was the result of a development project led by Grand Admiral Martio Batch and was equipped with both deflector shields and a hyperdrive, along with a technology not seen for decades—a stygium cloaking device.


"Scanners are picking up something strange; I can't get a firm fix on anything."
―Ru Murleen

The TIE/ph phantom was a modified version of the V38 assault fighter, leading some to refer to the starfighters by this designation, as well as the more common "Phantom TIE." It was a member of the TIE Series, which dominated the Empire's starfighter fleet during the War. However, it was distinctive among the series in that its solar array wings were attached directly to the fuselage, perpendicular to the hull, rather than to pylons extending from it. Like in the TIE/D Defender, the wings were equally spaced around the hull, with one located directly above the cockpit, and two below and to either side. Whereas most TIE series starfighters in use at the time had a spherical cockpit section, the TIE phantom's cockpit was elongated,and reminiscent of some Corellian Engineering Corporation freighters, including the YT-1300 light freighter, and the later Sienar Scimitar assault bomber. The section behind the cockpit was roughly triangular, with the wings mounted to the tips.[2] This hull section was heavily armored and contained the ship's twin ion engines, power generators and stealth systems.With no landing gear, the fighters had to be supported when aboard ship to keep the lower wings off the surface. A launch mechanism would grip the fighter by the upper wing and maneuver it into position when departing.