A TIE Fighter

The TIE Series was a series of starfighters and vehicles designed by Sienar Fleet Systems and used by the Axis of Empires.

Design Edit

TIE series starfighters shared a general design form of a roughly spherical or cylindrical cockpit pod attached to a set of solar panels. The cockpit and panels could be supplemented by other modules for ordnance or other functions. Their overall design bore a large resemblance to the Human eye, which led to several members of Alliance and Federation pilots, to give them nicknames relating to eyes (such as "eyeball" for TIE/LN starfighters, "squints" for TIE/IN interceptors, "dupes" for TIE/sa bombers, and "brights" for the TIE Advanced series of starfighters, respectively).[source?]

This design form carried over to the non-starfighter products, with the standard cockpit module used in the center of a land or sea vessel.

The cockpit of a TIE was neither spacious nor luxurious, even when compared to other starfighters.

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