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Taki (タキ, also written as 多喜) is a female ninja from the Col Universe. Taki is a Japanese orphan raised in the Fu-Ma Ninja clan, under the care of its headmaster, Toki. She is a capable fighter in both unarmed and armed combat, as well as an accomplished demon huntress, spy and blacksmith. She joined the Alliance of Nations to rival her Axis rival, Akali, the Fist of Shadow

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As a ninja, Taki puts her mission above everything else. She will end evil through her own ways. She seems to show concern to some people who are connected with the Allies and warns them the dangers of the Axis (especially Emperor Yiloala Olpimakia Kutarukia). She can be emotionless and serious, as a ninja should be. She easily sees through deceptions and will use the best attack to defeat her opponent.

Taki truly cares for her apprentice, Natsu, having chosen to take an active part in raising her due to her own perceived failure in stopping Arahabaki in time. However, she has mentally prepared herself to 'do what's necessary' if the seal containing the demon within Natsu were ever broken. 

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