The Talons are a mercenary organization based on Omega. They are highly organized, setting them apart from other gangs like the Blood Pack, but just as dishonorable. Its members sport prominent red facepaint.

Criminal services the Talons provide include drug running, weapons smuggling, extortion, killing for hire, slave trading, and allowing ships seeking to avoid dealing with Aria T'Loak's organization to dock at Talon-controlled ports for a substantial fee.

Prior to the plague of 1412, the Talons were an obscure group with negligible influence, but the devastation of the plague combined with Commander Shepard's actions against mercenaries on the station resulted in a power vacuum that the Talons rapidly filled. During Cerberus occupation of Omega in 1413, Nyreen Kandros reorganized the Talons into a honorable resistance force that fought against Cerberus and the Axis as a whole, thus, joining the Alliance.

History[edit | edit source]

Organization's Structure[edit | edit source]

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