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Task Force 141, colloquially referred to as "The One-Four-One," is a multiracial special operations force composed of members of species, usually those with previous Special Ops experience and the main special forces group of the Alliance Joint Military. Task Force 141's operators are drawn from the special operations forces of species. The specific units that contribute operators to Task Force 141 are from Allied members who had Special Ops experience. The TF141 is part of the Great Serethan-Allied War, the Gi'ru conflict, the Tatooine crisis, the Great Battle of Endor. Task Force 141 has at least eighty-five known species. The founders are Night Elf; Shandris Feathermoon, Human; Captain John Price and Sebacean; Aeryn Sun. Their rivals are the Inner Circle (Axis) and the Sons of Sylvanas (Horde)

List of Species joined the TF141