"The Techno Union are wealthy."
―Anakin Skywalker[src]
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The Techno Union was one of the Republic commerce guilds. It was a large coalition of high technology firms formed primarily of heavy manufacturing concerns. The Techno Union lobbied the Galactic Senate on behalf of its members' interests and attempted to ensure fair commerce between its members. In time, the Techno Union would grow to include galactic shipping magnates to further ensure the free flow of goods.

The Techno Union was one of the first to pledge its support to the newly formed Confederacy of Independent Systems. The Techno Union went on to be one of the major suppliers of starships, battle droids, and other weapons for the Separatist cause during the Clone Wars. The Techno Union also created many research and development projects for the CIS ranging from superweapons to cloning experiments.

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