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The Tector-class Star Destroyer was a Star Destroyer class in service with the Alliance of Nations, Imperialist Alliance and the Axis of Empires.

Characteristics Edit

It was a 1.6-kilometer-long dagger-shaped vessel, essentially a version of the contemporary Imperial-class with ventral hangars absent. Instead of ventral hangar bays, the design opted for an increase in armour that covered the areas normally used as main hangar openings, as well as the reactor core.

A contemporary of the original Imperial Star Destroyer, the Tector was designed purely for ship-to-ship combat – eliminating the Imperial’s ventral hangar bays in favour of additional armour across the lower hull and reactor core. Although this eliminated certain defensive weak-spots it also left the Tector without any starfighter support and limited the roles it could perform. Originally only produced in medium numbers, the Tector served the Axis well for many years and continued in active service after the Great Battle of Endor.

History Edit

The Tector-class was first produced by Kuat Drive Yards during the First War on Filo. It, along with the Imperator-class, was one of the largest Republic warship classes fielded during the conflict.In the first months of the war, the Tector-class was produced in small numbers to test their capabilities before a full-scale production could begin. In the Viau Universe, the Tector-class and its sister-design supplanted the less robust Venator-class, leading to it being phased out of frontline duty under Imperial use.

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