Tel'taks are small transport ships used by the Goa'uld, the Jaffa, the Tok'ra, and the Lucian Alliance. The Tau'ri have also briefly made use of stolen Tel'taks, prior to acquiring their own hyperspace-capable vessels.

A Tel'tak is a vaguely pyramid-shaped vessel with an elongated nose. The rear section of the vessel curves into a pair of wings. When landed, the tips of the wings, located near the midsection, retract to allow boarding, then extend once more when in-flight. The ship is divided into two major sections—the flight deck, onto which the main entrance opens, and a cargo section in the back. They are separated by a bulkhead, which is removable to allow for more space during flight. Beyond the cargo hold is an engine room where all the control systems of the ship are located, this includes the many control crystals. The Tel'tak's primary role is that of a transport vessel, either for cargo or passengers.

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