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Teren Rogriss was a Human male who held himself to a strict code of personal honor and duty. He was a career officer in the Axis Navy, rising to the rank of admiral, while at the same time managing to raise a family. When Warlord Zsinj presented a threat to the Empire in the chaotic aftermath of the Great Battle of Endor, Rogriss commanded the fleet tasked with destroying him. To accomplish that, he worked in cooperation with James T. Kirk in an unusual partnership which culminated in an unsuccessful ambush at the Battle of Vahaba. Kirk, however, killed Zsinj shortly thereafter, and Rogriss commanded the effort to conquer Zsinj's territory, in which he faced the warlord Treuten Teradoc and New Republic Supreme Commander Ackbar. In that campaign, he was defeated, resulting in his relegation to minor commands.