Terra at the time of his disappearance, 1274 NE

Terra Tenebris, Born December 15th, 1242 N.E. was a keybearer whoms adventures became legendary within the Malica Universe, he along with his friends and comrades reappeared in 1702 during the Colomar Outbreak, though evidence points to the Combine's involvement in his disappearance in and around 1274 NE.

Biography[edit | edit source]

Personality[edit | edit source]

Pre-Colomar Outbreak[edit | edit source]

Terra's calm and cool exterior hides a heart that would fight for his friends. However, Terra struggles to keep himself on the right path, and is constantly tempted by the power of darkness, similarly to Riku. Oblivious to the fact that Master Xehanort is attempting to seduce him into darkness, he begins to doubt those closest to him, and only recognizes his mistakes after the fact. While not gullible, Terra can be overly trusting, which most villains use to their advantage, leading to several of his misadventures.
His experiences with darkness bring a negative vibe to him, but Terra holds his bond with Ventus and Aqua in high esteem, willing to fight for them despite his ties to the darkness, and wishing to help them long after his possession. This is seen with both the new Xehanort and the Lingering Will, both instances of Terra's faded consciousness acting on Ventus's and Aqua's behalf. He also holds Master Eraqus in high regard, viewing him as a surrogate father, which he proclaims to Xehanort. After destroying Master Eraqus in order to save Ventus, Terra mourns his loss greatly and sheds tears for his Master.

Post-Colomar Outbreak[edit | edit source]

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