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The Terran Dominion, sometimes simply known as the Dominion, is a terran government. Under Arcturus Mengsk, the Dominion was an absolute monarchy, though this was a fact that he tried not to reinforce. The Dominion possesses a nobility with great wealth.Like the Confederacy, the Dominion maintains a senate of elected planetary representatives .Internally, the Dominion rules through oppression, fear and surveillance and makes extensive use of propaganda in order to control its citizens. It has outlawed "crimes" such as hitchhiking and squatting has banned the airing of "subversive" music, and is somewhat corrupt.Externally, as Mengsk once put it, "tyrants can only survive by presenting a greater tyrant as a threat." The Dominion maintains a somewhat aggressive stance towards its neighbors. Groups such as the Umojan Protectorate and the UED Expeditionary Fleet remnants are labeled as "racial traitors" in propaganda and the zerg and protoss are portrayed as distinct threats. The Dominion claims that it is the only effective defense against the Swarm a force that during the years after the Brood War, it claimed was dormant, though many within its military structure knew otherwise. The Dominion's predecessor, the Terran Confederacy, is also demonized. For the citizens of the Dominion, anything alien is a threat to be reported to the authorities. It become a major player in the Second War when they joined the Imperialist Alliance and the Nationalist Alliance during the Nationalist Wars.

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