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Fleet Admiral Lord Terrence Hood is the leader of the UNSC in the Piala Universe, a flag officer of the Allied Joint Navy, Chief of Naval Operations, and the Commanding Officer of the Allied Home Fleet. He was also commanded their troops during the Battle in Immoren

Biography Edit

Early career Edit

Hood was a decorated UNSCDF combat veteran and a British noble[1] as the Human-Covenant war neared its end. Prior to December 1630 N.E, Hood served as Captain James Cutter's XO aboard UNSC Spirit of Fire when he was given command of a Halcyon-class light cruiser, UNSC Roman Blue. As commanding officer of Roman Blue, Hood was tasked with retrieving a log buoy dropped by Spirit of Fire while avoiding combat as Arcadia was deemed lost. Enraged by the loss of Arcadia he ordered the crew to attack a CPV-class destroyer. The destroyer being too much of a match for the lone Halcyon cruiser, Hood retreated from battle, leaving behind the log and any chance of rescue for Spirit of Fire. Feeling guilty for abandoning the Spirit, he provided financial support for Cutters wife, daughter and illegitimate son Daniel Clayton, as well as helping him advance through the ranks.

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