The Batarian Monitor is a colossal robot designed by the Nazis. The Monitor was created in response to the unrest in places that caused by Batarian soldiers in the infamous Batarian August Uprising of 1456. After crushing the uprising, the machine has since been a weapon of oppression. Anyone who has dared fight and survived the Axis Riot Control have no doubt met their end at this robot's massive dual tri-barrel rocket launchers, eye laser, and triple Gatling guns.

Another such colossal machine existed in the UK before its liberation that went under the Alias "The London Monitor".

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The London and Bararian Moontior where both the same model and had the same abilities, both machines could speak and order people to go into their homes while it fought any "terrorists", the monitor could shoot a massive laser beam out of its single eye that has to be damaged via laser or rockets to prevent the laser to fire. Once blinded the monitor will use the massive trio of launchers attached to either side to launch a barrage of rockets, this takes time and these parts must be destroyed before one is to safely destroy the monitor. Once it loses its ability to launch rockets it solely riles on its eye beam and once blinded uses a set of machine guns located on the bottom of the monitor protecting its only weak point for infantry. Once damaged three times the monitor is destroyed. This is how BJ Blazkowicz took out the London Monitor in UK during the Liberation of Britain campaign that took place in the First multiverse war.

The Batarian monitor was destroyed by a joint Batarian and Allied attack from both the ground and the air during the Batarian Liberation of 1788. While casualties where high the monitor was fairly weak to air attacks and had no defence except for its missiles and its eye.

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