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The Betrayal of Narn Regime (or the Narn Treason) was a military conflict that was involved the Interstellar Alliance and the Narn Regime, both of them are at conflict when the Narn betrayed the ISA due to the Narn hated the entire Centauri race. War was declared by each side, but no ISA power had committed to launching a significant land offensive, notwithstanding the terms of the IA and Narn military alliances which obliged the Allies to assist the Interstellar Alliance. The conflicted ended with the IA wipe out 50% of the Narn forces. It has also been said that this treason is the where all the Narns joined Coalition of Independent States and became the Narn Empire.The Interstellar Alliance forces received munitions and soldiers from the Gil UN and the Amarr, while the Orks and the Drakh intervened in support of the Narn forces.