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The Bombing of Ashenvale was an attack made by the Zann Consortium. The Zann Consortium posted a video on the internet warning Night Elf Arishia Cloudflyer not to date an Zabrak because she was a commoner. The next day Arishia learned of this video, but choose to ignore it and that they would go ahead with the party as scheduled. They went to Ashenvale Party Event, the event that the party was originally planned to take place in, in order to see how the setting up the party was going. About 30 minutes after they arrived, outside the event an Zann Consortium Defiler rigged 5 ewoks with explosives walked into the church wearing rather large jackets. The ewoks went to different area's of the place, and blew themselves up, killing 150 people. The Night Elf military was immediately deployed 90 police officers arrived on the scene as well. Arishia were about to be taken to a safe location by the OSA when a group of 100 Zann Consortium soldiers attacked them and their guards while another group of Consortium soldiers attacked the other soldiers attacked the soldiers and police officers at the scene so they couldn't assist Arishia. Gina Loren was later identified as the commanding officer of the group and killed by Shandris Feathermoon after that. The battle ended with 80 Consortum soldiers and 10 officers died.