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"The Cage is where you are sent if you are convicted of a crime so horrible, so monstrous, so horrific that most people don't even dare try and repeat, much less say, what you did to be sent there in the first place... That's not to say you'll bound to be sent there but... your chances increase... quite dramatically if you are convicted of a truly horrible crime..."

The Cage is a Multiversial Federation prison station located in the White Void, and possibly its' most famous, and infamous, prisons, constructed in the early days of the Federation's foundation. Originally, it was built to contain the known Multiverse's war-criminals before the Federation's creation. But as time went on, other prisoners and truly horrific people were sent here, ranging from assassins, serial killers, serial rapists, and mass murderers, most of whom served life-sentiences. Over the centuries, The Cage became feared by virtually every single Multiversial criminals out there, knowing that being convicted there would certainly mean eternity in the White Void.