an artists' rendering of The Casket Builder's one of two true forms in a graveyard


The Casket Builder in one of many Human forms, this one took a body of a unnamed Diamond Dog soldier

"All will turn to dust, all will return to the dirt for which you stand upon. Everything rots, everything decays, everything will be reduced to ruin in the end. So, why do you resist so much? Why not accept your fate and... decay?"

-The Casket Builder to a Allied Warhero in 1923 NE

The Casket Builder, also known as The Coming Rot, is a an mort under the Entities affliction who's a cold and callus being that slowly decays everything that comes into his path. Though not much is known of him, everything that anything that comes across him starts decaying away, and because of this, most tend to avoid him as much as possible.

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often appearing as either a skeleton that's covered in a dark cloak or a pale, thin, almost skeleton like man in victorian era clothing, no matter the appearance, both carriers a Casket with them. He often speaks in a immensely cold tone with little warmth nor kindness, with his voice often low in nature. Many have noted his eyes, which are often pure white in nature with no pupil or iris to speak of.

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