The Divide, also referred to as Broken Lands by the Alliance, The Shattered Earth by the Axis, Hell's Mouth by the Coalition and nicknamed 'The Devil's City' and 'The Cursed Earth', is a violent land torn apart by quakes and skin-flaying wind storms to the northwest of the former Mojave Wasteland on Fialer Earth and is now one of many locations on Fialer Earth that's apart of the Wasteland Remnants. The Alliance, Axis and Coalition have tried to take control over the region numerous times during the First Multiverse War, however, each of those attempted takeovers failed horrifically with all of the soldiers the three superpowers sent either being killed or turned into more Marked Men. After the First War, the Alliance decided to leave the plan alone and sent up a quarantine zone to prevent anyone and anything from going in or out of The Divide.

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