The Entities, also known as the Old Gods, the Old Ones and the Ancient Morts, are perhaps the first morts to appear in the Multiverse. These beings are hard to describe, with their vast age and unpredictable nature, many have since considered them the very first 'gods' and some even suggest that these beings could very well be considered 'gods of the gods of the gods of the gods' or 'gods of all the gods'

To the Cult of the Nine Arches, the Entities are the gods of the entire multiverse and all other religions and being are followers of the Entities at best or projections of the Entities at worse. And while the Entities known of their existence, they are entirely apathetic towards it with the Hunter being one of the few that regard it with utter amusement at the very concept of being worshipped by anything at all.

History Edit

list of known Entities Edit

Name of Mort Embodied Describe Artist Representation
The Hunter Death, Destruction, and Chaos often appearing as a shadowy figure with a twisted smile on its face with small white dots for eyes, it also has the ability to possess people, but this often times leads to the individuals' slow death as the body starts to decay and rot away. It also is known to speak in a low, cold and seemingly happy tone with it having what seems to be like millions, if not billions of voices all speaking as one, at the same time, faint sounds of screams as well
Smiling Hunter
The Planter Life, Construction, and Order often appearing as a white colored combination of a cloud and light being with a vague skeletal appearance to it. Despite its otherwise unnerving appearance, its' presence often makes one feel at peace and comfort, and in some case feel rejuvenated by its' presence. It often speaks in a deep, ambiguous but calming voice, similar to a parent would to a scared child.
The Casket Builder Rot, Decay, and Ruin often appearing as either a skeleton that's covered in a dark cloak or a pale, thin, almost skeleton like man in victorian era clothing, no matter the appearance, both carriers a Casket with them. He often speaks in a immensely cold tone with little warmth nor kindness, with his voice often low in nature. Many have noted his eyes, which are often pure white in nature with no pupil or iris to speak of.
The Hauting Voice Fear, Manipulation, and Cruelty Often appearing as a little girl, that, as one gets closer to her, will tell that she had extremely pale skin with pitch black eyes and often dresses in a summer dress of some kind. perhaps the most horrific of this being is it's voice, a voice of an old man with it a near whisper with a cold and sadistic tone to it, a voice that doesn't belong to a body of a little girl.
The Father Fatherhood, love, and compassion
The Mother Motherhood, love, and compassion
The Vanquisher War, Strategy, and Conquest
The Vanquisher
The Liberator Freedom, Abolition, and Self-Determination
The liberator
The Great Judge Justice, Equality, and Brotherhood
Mercy BY PeteMohrbacher
The Scholar Wisdom, Learning, and Magic
The Scholar
The Diplomat Peace, Planning, and Negotiations
The Diplomat
The Constructor Buildings, Machines, and Engineering
The Constructor
The Shaper Space, Celestial Bodies, and Phenomena
The Shaper
The Teacher Knowledge, Understanding, and Science
Zuriel, Angel of Libra BY PeteMohrbacher
The Prophet Belief, Worship, and Religion
The Cynic Disbelief, Skeptic, and Irreligion
. BY ramsesmelendeze
The Perfect Narcissism, Self-Importance, and Perfection
The Splited Sanity, Insanity, and Mind
The Spli
The Imperfect Self-Reflection, Reevaluation, and Imperfection
The Lover Sexuality, Consent, and Lust Though their appearance varies wildly depending upon who sees them, they often appear the person's ideal partner, romantic or sexual, though the only constant is their eyes, which often had a vague heavenly glow to it, and a soft, though sensual voice, though the gender of the voice varies depending upon the individual who looks upon it. This in turns makes artistic representation difficult to perform as they vary from person to person.
The Lover (human form)
The Violator Violation, Pleasure, and Abuse
The Recordkeeper History, Writing, and Languages
The Recordkeeper
The Child Adventurer Childhood, Imagination, and Child-like Adventure
Child Adventerur
The Gamemaker Games, Entertainment, and Recreation
Personal game - Creature concept 1 BY PeterPrime
The Timekeeper Measurement, Pattern, Age
God of time by meyuux dd1e1e0-fullview
The Slaver Oppression, Slavery, and Subjection
The Artist Expression, Idea, and Creativity
Vox Solus B By Jimmy Xu
The Dreamer

Hope, Ambition, and Vision

The Brother Familial Love, Sibling Love, and Sibling Rivalry
The Sister Familial Love, Sibling Love, and Sibling Rivalry
The Preserver Protection, Conservation, and Balance
The Brawler Domination, Violence, and Imbalance
The Storyteller Legends, Chronicles, and Myths
09 The Hermit, Paolo Puggioni

List of Known "Heralds" of the Entities Edit

There is some clarification by what it means to be a "Herald" of any of the Entities. Instead of a messager or prophet like those of the varies Nirn faiths, a Herald of the Entities is actually more akin to a very close and dear friend (or something akin to friendship for those of the more malevolent and sociopathic entities, like the Hunter, the Haunting Voice, or the Violator), in fact, the bonds between a Herald and an Entity is so strong that the Entities in question are often noted to be extraordinarily protective of and does everything they can to protect and save their Herald from any and all potential harm.

Name of Herald Species Gender Herald of Years as Herald Picture
Yiloala Kutarukia Kilominitic Male The Hunter 1 Centillion BNE to 9931 NE (Final Shard destroyed) (One Centillion years)
Leysa Fir Donna Human Female The Lover 8080 BNE to current events (uncertain)
Leasable Fir Donna (lover’s herald
Shen Dragon-like being Male The Preserver 70K.080 BNE to 2379 NE
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