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The Entities, also known as the Old Gods, the Old Ones and the Ancient Morts, are perhaps the first morts to appear in the Multiverse. These beings are hard to describe, with their vast age and unpredictable nature, many have since considered them the very first 'gods' and some even suggest that these beings could very well be considered 'gods of the gods of the gods of the gods' or 'gods of all the gods'

To the Cult of the Nine Arches, the Entities are the gods of the entire multiverse and all other religions and being are followers of the Entities at best or projections of the Entities at worse. And while the Entities known of their existence, they are entirely apathetic towards it with the Hunter being one of the few that regard it with utter amusement at the very concept of being worshipped by anything at all.



The exact origin of these Entities and how they first took form remains unknown, many believe these beings are vastly ancient that they could be one of the first ever to take form when the Universe or dimension they originated from was young, if it still exist. The Entities May have been corporal at first, or evolved in a unique path that differs from any other species until they developed sentience and consciousness to develop their own abilities. But according to Entities like the Record keeper, the Teacher, and the Storyteller, the Entities "birth", for lack of a better phrase, was incredibly violent and destruction, being more akin to a force of nature that devastated and destroyed whatever species and civilizations that could have built them, although their evidence remains loose, they have come to believe that the civilization and species, what the Record Keeper dubbed the Kaz'seiyan, a word from a long forgotten language that meant "Those who came before", that made them, albeit indirectly, had long before fell apart and collapsed due to a variety of unrelated events with their machines continuing a ancient conflict that had long since ended.

First Multiverse War[]

Day the Multiverse Burns[]

Multiversal Tournament[]

Most of the Entities were gathered together by The Gamemaker for the idea of a tournament after it had witnessed an an amazing battle between powerful fighters and decided to make another in the future for many fighters they know from various universes to compete against each other, but less destructive and controllable, most Entities did not seem interested but others like the The Recordkeeper and The Brawler were interested

list of known Entities[]

Name of Mort Embodied Describe Artist Representation
The Hunter Death, Destruction, and Chaos often appearing as a shadowy figure with a twisted smile on its face with small white dots for eyes, it also has the ability to possess people, but this often times leads to the individuals' slow death as the body starts to decay and rot away. It also is known to speak in a low, cold and seemingly happy tone with it having what seems to be like millions, if not billions of voices all speaking as one, at the same time, faint sounds of screams as well
Smiling Hunter.jpg
The Planter Life, Construction, and Order often appearing as a white colored combination of a cloud and light being with a vague skeletal appearance to it. Despite its otherwise unnerving appearance, its' presence often makes one feel at peace and comfort, and in some case feel rejuvenated by its' presence. It often speaks in a deep, ambiguous but calming voice, similar to a parent would to a scared child.
The Casket Builder Rot, Decay, and Ruin often appearing as either a skeleton that's covered in a dark cloak or a pale, thin, almost skeleton like man in victorian era clothing, no matter the appearance, both carriers a Casket with them. It often speaks in a immensely cold tone with little warmth nor kindness, with his voice often low in nature. Many have noted it's eyes, which are often pure white in nature with no pupil or iris to speak of.
The Hauting Voice Fear, Manipulation, and Cruelty Often appearing as a little girl, that, as one gets closer to her, will tell that she had extremely pale skin with pitch black eyes and often dresses in a summer dress of some kind. perhaps the most horrific of this being is it's voice, a voice of an old man with it a near whisper with a cold and sadistic tone to it, a voice that doesn't belong to a body of a little girl.
Haunting Voice Common.jpg
The Father Fatherhood, love, and compassion
Ordamor, Harbinger of Love by ThyBlake.jpeg
The Mother Motherhood, love, and compassion
Hesed by PeteMohrbacher.jpeg
The Vanquisher War, Strategy, and Conquest The most common form of The Vanquisher is a strong built male warrior with blazing fire from its body, wearing armor and a sword for combat. Anyone who confronts it would see a shadowy warrior marching into combat.
The Vanquisher.jpeg
The Liberator Freedom, Abolition, and Self-Determination
The liberator.jpeg
The Great Judge Justice, Equality, and Brotherhood Often appears as a humanoid with horns, stone fragments from its body, pale green glowing eyes and four arms as the representation of judgement upon sentients, and to decide their fate when The Judge has made its decisions.
Mercy BY PeteMohrbacher.jpeg
The Scholar Wisdom, Learning, and Magic
The Scholar.jpeg
The Diplomat Peace, Planning, and Negotiations
The Diplomat.png
The Constructor Buildings, Machines, and Engineering Often appears as a machine of any construct and robotic form unlike many who are seen as organic looking, The Constructor speaks with an artificial voice with lack of emotions.
Space Knight By JaconNT.jpeg
The Shaper Space, Celestial Bodies, and Phenomena
The Shaper.jpeg
The Teacher Knowledge, Understanding, and Science
Zuriel, Angel of Libra BY PeteMohrbacher.jpeg
The Prophet Belief, Worship, and Religion Often appears as a stone-like monolith with protrusions in place if wings and able to suspend from the ground, perhaps the reason for taking this form is the divine light emanating form its form, making the impression of an angelic being.
Angel BY JONATHAN787.jpeg
The Cynic Disbelief, Skeptic, and Irreligion often appearing as a large red cloaked being with bone-like extensions form the back.
. BY ramsesmelendeze.jpeg
The Perfect Narcissism, Self-Importance, and Perfection Unable to describe such form of perfection by anyone who could understand what it means, The Perfect commonly takes the form of a shape that suits the role of a perfect shape and form such as an orb made up of energy as the source of all creation.
Meteor shower in a marble by Dark-Angel-90 .jpg
The Splited Sanity, Insanity, and Mind Most common appearance to be described as a being with six arms which each one holding a mask with a difference face on them, each represent a mental state and personality.
The Spli.jpeg
The Imperfect Self-Reflection, Reevaluation, and Imperfection often appeared as a white winged serpentine creature with tendrils protruding from the ‘face’ and a black halo hovering above it. Appears to have crimes on red insides when open,
Untitled by douzen on DeviantArt.jpeg
The Lover Sexuality, Consent, and Lust Though their appearance varies wildly depending upon who sees them, they often appear the person's ideal partner, romantic or sexual, though the only constant is their eyes, which often had a vague heavenly glow to it, and a soft, though sensual voice, though the gender of the voice varies depending upon the individual who looks upon it. This in turns makes artistic representation difficult to perform as they vary from person to person.
The Lover (human form).jpeg
The Violator Violation, Pleasure, and Abuse
The Record Keeper History, Writing, and Languages
The Recordkeeper.jpeg
The Child Adventurer Childhood, Imagination, and Child-like Adventure The Entity takes in a form commonly known to children who notice it and sometimes feel like the being is their imaginary friend or often comes to make fun adventures to encourage the imagination of their minds to enjoy the childhood years as they can.
Child Adventerur.jpeg
The Gamemaker Games, Entertainment, and Recreation The most common appearance of The Gamemaker took the form of various gaming consoles and electronics clamped together to form a body.
Personal game - Creature concept 1 BY PeterPrime.jpeg
The Timekeeper Measurement, Pattern, Age Commonly see as a humanoid being with parts of its Brady white and fractured, the rest show a display of a special background and a clock-like artefact hovering behind it.
God of time by meyuux dd1e1e0-fullview.jpg
The Slaver Oppression, Slavery, and Subjection
Orin - The Shadow of Retribution by ninovecia.jpeg
The Artist Expression, Idea, and Creativity For as much as any could describe the Artist’s appearance with metallic fragments of various shapes and stones to take form of a person
Vox Solus B By Jimmy Xu.jpeg
The Dreamer

Hope, Ambition, and Vision

Often appears in the form of a large avian creature with the body of a lion-like and large wings, most notably is know to wear a gold helmet, shoulder pads and gauntlets.
Azel - The Warden Of Vigil by ninovecia.jpeg
The Pessimist Pessimism, Contentment, and Actuality
The First Cosmos (marvel).jpg
The Brother Familial Love, Sibling Love, and Sibling Rivalry
The Brother.jpeg
The Sister Familial Love, Sibling Love, and Sibling Rivalry
Mermaid by Jason Nguyen.jpeg
The Preserver Protection, Conservation, and Balance often described as a large bipedal being in a lotus position with a bisazrre shaped head and wears a blue and white robe, commonly seen as a monk to some who approach the being and find its presence soothing and calm around others
Matariel, Font of life.jpeg
The Brawler Domination, Violence, and Imbalance
II Ara KaoticKnights By Thiago Almeida 1.jpeg
The Storyteller Legends, Chronicles, and Myths commonly known for its appearance of a cloaked Spector with a cane and lantern in its hands, usually wears a blank silver mask.
09 The Hermit, Paolo Puggioni.jpeg
The Nightmare Dismay, Horror, Misery usually seen as a black specter, it can change form at will, whether it be a fear of the simplest thing, be it a phobia, past experiences, or the smallest memory can be turned into fear. This entity will sense it no matter how far or secretive in the deepest depths of the sentient minds and bring them out for the mortal to face them.
Élian Black'Mor artwork.jpeg
The Outsider Antipathy, Self-Destruction, and Amorality This Entity usually takes forms that are of horrific mishmashes of flesh, machinery, and energy. No wherever it is, no matter who it encounters, it will always leave with a horde of its insane followers in tow.
The Outsider.jpg
The Cartographer Exploration, Astronomy, and Mapmaking Often described as a tall being dressed in greenish yellow robes, a gold mask that hides its face, several arms used to navigate and perform multiple tasks at at the same time, extensions of roots growing from its body and extended shoulder pads. The Cartography can perform many tasks to see anything and know where to go.
The Trickster Trickery, Mischief, and Humor Though difficult time know of The Trickster’s common form, it could take in anything or anyone and often deceives the senses of any living thing that sees it. This is the representation of the Tricker’s role of deception.
Bellus by Enorhar.jpeg
The Healer Restoration, Reconcile, and Health
The Healer.jpeg
The Philanthropist Altruism, Wealth, and Selflessness
V - The Hierophant by Paolo Puggioni.jpeg
The Avaricious Spite, Greed, and Selfishness Represented by greed and selfish desires, The Avaricious usually takes the form of a humanoid in a suit of gold armor and valuables embedded to its body. Prefers to be close to the most valuable treasures in the known existence.
Greed by JasonTN.jpeg
The Plague Bringer Disease, Pestilence, and Infection
The .jpeg
The Alternate Scenarios, chance, probability

List of Known "Heralds" of the Entities[]

There is some clarification by what it means to be a "Herald" of any of the Entities. Instead of a messager or prophet like those of the varies Nirn faiths, a Herald of the Entities is actually more akin to a very close and dear friend (or something akin to friendship for those of the more malevolent and sociopathic entities, like the Hunter, the Haunting Voice, or the Violator), in fact, the bonds between a Herald and an Entity is so strong that the Entities in question are often noted to be extraordinarily protective of and does everything they can to protect and save their Herald from any and all potential harm. Even if a Herald meets their end, the Entities would simply bring them back to existence in their own realms within the Plains of Rebirth so they can join the other heralds that came before before them.

Name of Herald Species Gender Herald of Years as Herald Picture
Yiloala Kutarukia Kilominitic Male The Hunter 1 Centillion BNE to 9931 NE (Final Shard destroyed) (One Centillion years)
Leysa Fir Donna Human Female The Lover 8080 BNE to current events
Leasable Fir Donna (lover’s herald.jpeg
Shen Jen’thori Male The Preserver 14,700.089 BNE to 2420 NE
Dragonsworn Exorcist by Earl-Graey.jpeg
Toshinori Yagi Human (Mutant) Male The Preserver 2420 NE to current events
All Might.png
Madelaine Falconer Human Female The Violator 895 Million B.N.E. to current events
Madelaine Falconer.jpg
Warren Kriticos Human Male The Outsider 9030 B.N.E. to current events
Siegfried Nirav Velichkov Human Male The Planter 977 Duodecillion B.N.E to current events
Rayth Mort Unknown The Casket Builder Circa 10,040 B.N.E. to current events
Concept by Juniu21.jpg
The Haunting Voice
The Father
The Mother
The Vanquisher
The Liberator
The Great Judge
The Scholar
The Diplomat
Aura of Infinite Knowledge Forerunner Sentinel None The Constructor 322K.783 B.N.E. to current events
Beyond Human-Character Concept, KUKI Wang.jpeg
The Shaper
The Teacher
The Prophet
The Cynic
The Perfect
Eric Morden, AKA Mr. Nobody Human(?) Male The Splited Unknown
Mr. Nobody.png
The Imperfect
The Recordkeeper
Zuljin Troll Female The Child Adventurer 15K.692 BNE to current
Portrait of Hitotsuki by Sandara.jpeg
The Gamemaker
The Timekeeper
The Slaver
The Artist
The Dreamer
The Pessimist
The Brother
The Sister
Rukahn Khrayf Mokarrig Male The Brawler 1,007,873 B.N.E. to current events (uncertain)
Art by Baiken032.jpeg
The Storyteller
The Cartographer
The Trickster
The Healer
The Architect Human Male