"Many high ranking individuals within the Military and Council have... habit of... of ending up dead in their homes, I ensore you that it's simple Pro-Alliance and or Pro-Coalition desidents who proform these horrid acts, no need to investigant any fether..."

-Emperor Yiloala Kutarukia in a speech towards the deaths of Axis military leaders and Councilors

The Ghosts are the secret police that's controlled enterally by Emperor Yiloala Kutarukia and used as assassins and operatives that proform assassinations and kidnappings towards individuals that he view as a problem or a treat to his plans within the Empire of the Combine Race, also to be noted is they are just as effective as spec ops units that he sometimes uses for missions that require more secative actions to be taken, as well as assassations of individuals he views as a treat to his plans and goals outside the Empire of the Combine Race

List of OperationsEdit

Within the Empire of the Combine RaceEdit

Within the Axis of EmpiresEdit

Within the Alliance of NationsEdit

Within the Coalition of Independent StatesEdit

List of Individuals deaths and or disapperance that may be caused by the GhostsEdit

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