An artist depiction of the Hunter dubbed "Smiling Monster"

One of the Hunter's true forms; artist represention

The Hunter in one of it's many Human forms, which it took the body of an Hamid fighter

"I'm the thing that you fear at night, the thing that wakes you from your sleep in a cold sweat,  the thing that you know is given you this twisted, sadistic smile at the back of your head, the thing that gives you all nightmares that you wish could simply stop... I'm that force, I'm the creature of death, the creature of destruction, and the creature of chaos, whenever something dies, or is destroyed I grow stronger and whenever a world, no,  A UNIVERSE dissolves into chaos I will be standing there, laughing and watching each and everyone of you die!"

-The Hunter towards the Axis and Alliance Council as well as every other government in the known multiverse at the time in 2015 NE

The Hunter, also known as The Destroyer and The God Killer is an mort under the Entities affliction who's a ruthless and brutal being that takes an enjoyment out the suffering of other beings across the Multiverse. Though not much is known of it, most, however, have come to the belief that the hunter may have been behind an unknown series of mysterious multiverse extinction events that occurred econs before the Precursors come into being.



Picture the mind of a sadistic and cold-blooded serial killer in the form of a cosmic entity. That's the best way to describe this monsterious being's personality. It has all the hallmarks of a sadist, finding pure enjoyment out of torturing and killing people, and like a hedonistic serial killer, it does all of these brutal killings for its' own amusement.


often appearing as a shadowy figure, usually skeleton-like in nature, with a twisted smile on it's face with small white pupils with glowing blood red irises in a sea of black for eyes. It's also known to speak in a low, cold and seemingly happy tone with it having what seems to be like millions, if not billions of voices all speaking as one, and, at the same time, faint sounds of screams can be heard as well.

Powers and abilities

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