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The infinite White Void with the black spheres of Universes doting its' scape, creating a sort of inverse coloration of outer space.

The Multiverse, otherwise called the Known Multiverse and the Omniverse, is the name used to refer to the primary sets of universes that exist and known to the inhabitants of the Alliance, Axis, Coalition, Second Empire, Ascendancy, Combine, Imperialist, Pact, Federation, Nationalist, Hegemony, or any other factions and groups that is found in this small part of an infinite multiverse, as such, the Known Multiverse is the primary setting of the Great Multiverse series.

Though not always the case, a number of these universes within the multiverse are dubbed "parallel universes", "other universes", or "alternate universes" due to similar events playing out but changed in some form or another. The multiverse comprises everything that exists in our reality and other closely linked realities: various forms of space, time, matter, energy, and the physical laws and constants that describe them. All the universes in a Multiverse start under the same conditions, but each follows a different path of events. This means that some Universes in a Multiverse overlap timeline-wise; they share common events with each other. Universes in the Multiverse could even potentially have different shapes of space.

Known Universes[]

Many universes found in the Known Multiverse have been explored and named by ancient precursor races at somepoint in the far off past, but it was ancient humans where the majority of the known universes comes from, which was later largely adopted by wider multiverse post-anicent revelation. Although a good number of these universes have been discovered by the Kilominitics via the Empire of the Combine Race.


  • Aeden
  • (Alpha) Vaee'keenlo (Stellaris)
    • Gamma Vaee'keenlo (Stellaris Invicta)
  • Ain'uikni (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Ai'vonik (Transformers)
    • Alpha (G1 Transformers)
    • Beta (G2 Transformers)
    • Delta (Japanese G1 Transformers)
    • Bi'vonik (Beast Wars Transformers): 5 million BCE
    • Di'vonik (3H comic Transformers)
    • Ei'vonik (IDW Beastwars Transformers comic)
    • Fi'vonik (Dreamwave Transformers)
    • Gi'vonik (IDW Transformers)
    • Hi'vonik (Robots in Disguise (Anime)
    • Ki'vonik (Transformers Animated)
    • Ni'vonik (Transformers Cyberverse)
    • Qi'vonik (War for Cybertron Trilogy Transformers)
  • Aoop'yujo
  • Aol (Middle Ages Earth): 950 (1589 NE)
  • Alpha Cilon'jacl (Akami ga kill)
  • Aoop'yujo


  • Bab'lonin (Babylon 5)
  • Besr'tikuuik Universe (Animali Sapiens)
  • Bouyi'uyy (Gears of War)
  • Bol (Dark Ages Earth): 525 (1591 NE)
    • Bol Alpha (Arthurian Mythology): (XXXXNE)
  • Bij'iji (Dead Island)
  • Bi'tuio (Killzone)
    • Kui'uyi
  • Biu'liniu (Battlestar Galactica 2003)
  • Biz'ril Universe (Civilization)
    • Aiz'ril Universe (Civilization: Beyond Earth)


  • Ciln'nili Universe (China colonised America)
  • Ciyto'oouij (Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice & Fire)
  • Contu'uji (Overwatch)
  • Col (Renaissance Earth and Soul Calibur): 1485 (1592 NE)
  • Cuti'cinit (Aliens vs Predator)
  • Cut'jini (Masters of Orion)
  • Cuy’ti (Call of Duty Modern Warfare series)
    • Beta Cuy'ti (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2019)
    • Ruy’ti (Call of Duty Infinite Warfare)
    • Xuy’ti (Call of Duty Ghosts)
    • Zuy’ti (Call of Duty Black Ops series)
    • Kuy’ti (Call of Duty Mobile)
    • Fuy’ti (Call of Duty Advanced Warfare)


  • Deei'tiiki Universe (Androids)
  • (Prototype)
    • Quni'zunqui (Robotech)
  • Deij'kail (Judge Dredd)
  • Demi'ini (Starcraft)
  • Devi'uikni (Defiance)
  • Doon'kin (Doctor Who)
    • Alpha
    • Beta
    • Gamma (E-Space)
    • Delta
    • Omega (Pete’s World)
  • Dol (Cold War Earth): 1948 (1600 NE)
    • Beta Dol (Cold War Earth): 1955 (1601 NE)
    • Gamma Dol (Cold War Earth): 1980 (1601 NE)
  • Diie'guoon (Strike Witches)
  • Di'llol (Metro series)
  • Di'ujik (Doom)
    • Ei'ujik (Doom 2016)
  • Disq'aukki (Mad Max)
  • Dizrikil'molnol (The Day After Tomorrow)
  • Duiz'zui (Destiny)
  • Duti'wuin (Bleach)
  • Duyi'zu (Star Trek: ENT, TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY)
    • Kuyi'zu Universe (Borg dominated Galaxy)
    • Nuyi'zu (Mirror Universe)


  • Eai'eei (Gate: Thus The JSDF Fought There)
  • Eeo'koip (G.I.Joe: A Real American Hero)
  • Eii'ujiki (Smite)
  • Eol (Stone Age Earth): 10,000 BCE (1593 NE), part of the Forbidden Zone)
  • Espas (Democratic Soviet Union)
  • Eur'uui (Stargate)
  • Euuo'kilopa (The Expanse)


  • Faoi'zakka (Familiar of Zero)
  • Fialer (Fallout)
    • Fol (WW1 Earth): 1915 (1614 NE) Beta Fol (Kaiserreichverse)
  • Fop'lla (Warhammer 40K)
    • Vop’lla Universe (Warhammer)
  • Fui'uiknij (Freelancers)
  • Fuyti (Dead Space)
  • Fuii'zuni (Farscape)


  • Gil (Command and Conquer: Red Alert)
    • Gizzur (Tiberium)
    • Goo'iiki (Generals)
  • Gi'ru (Iron Kingdoms)
  • Gi'uulzo Universe (Terraformed Earth’s Moon, Mars, and Venus)
  • Gol (Bronze Age Earth): 2500 BCE (1594 NE)
  • Golmar (Half Life)
  • Gojira A.K.A Sieo'kamuluk (Godzilla universe)
    • Alpha (Showa) (Godzilla 1954-Destroy All Monsters) (Including Zone Fighter)
    • Beta (Heisei) (Godzilla 1985-Destoroyah)
    • Gamma (Millennium) (Godzilla 2000-Final Wars)
    • Kilo (MonsterVerse (Godzilla 2014-vs. Kong)
    • Lambda (Shin Godzilla)
    • Charlie (Godzilla IDW)
    • ??? (Pipeworks Godzilla Trilogy)
    • Delta (Godzilla Anime Trilogy)
  • Gol'kkiler Universe (InFamous)
  • Goo'iiki Universe
  • Guoo'tuji (Red Dwarf)


  • Haei'tuusik (Hazbin Hotel)
  • Hol (First Egyptian Kingdom Earth): 2436 BCE (1596 NE)
  • Hijik'luui (Horizon Dawn Zero)
  • His'kilooi (My Hero Academia)
  • Hiuo'kuil (Ace Combat)
    • Liuo'opui (Ace Combat: Strangereal)
  • Hi'zuilo Universe (Rome Never fell)


  • Ikiiu'uhi (BattleTech)
  • Inio'zioni
  • Iol (French and Indian War/Seven Years War Earth): 1756 (1598 NE)


  • Jol (Napoleonic Wars Earth)
  • Jui'uhl (Firefly)
  • Jul'kool (Jupiter Ascending)


  • Kilau
  • Kil'coni (City of Endless Worlds)
  • Ki'uulzo Universe (Earth’s shattered moon)
  • Kiz'ro (Mass Effect)
  • Kol (Crusades Earth): 1130
  • Koon'roul Universe (Elder Scrolls)
  • Krioli'oroth


  • Laee'tiifi (Code Lyoko)
  • Liiu'hii (Metal Gear Solid)
  • Li'lui Universe (United Empires of America)
  • Litio'sihu
  • Lo'iiui (The Chronicles of Riddick)
  • Lol (Roman Republic Earth): 409 BCE (1603 NE)
  • Lo’kini (The Last of Us)
  • Lo'opik (EVE Online)
  • Lo’vi (Highschool of the Dead)
  • Lo'vilz (Lord of the Rings)
  • Luyy'uiki (Dark Matter)


  • Maase'kusji (Mobile Suit Gundam: Universal Century)
    • Maase'cusji (Mobile Suit Gundam: Cosmic Era)
    • Maase'ausji (Mobile Suit Gundam: Anno Domini)
    • Maase'eusji ( Mobile Suit Gundam: After Colony)
    • Nol'kialik (Mobile Suit Gundam)
  • Malica (Kingdom Hearts)
  • Mailti'viuui Universe (Matriarchal society Earth)
  • Mink'ius (EverQuest)
  • Mila'uloug (Miraculous Ladybug)
  • Milsk'huikol (Monster Hunter)
  • Mol (1492 Earth): 1492 (1605 NE)
  • Mulr'kiza (Rosario + Vampire)


  • Naorath (Guardians of the dimensions)
  • Noi'ujik (Terminator Series)
  • Nol (Iron Age Earth): 426 BCE (1594 NE)
  • Nuih'kiiool (Shattered galaxy)
  • Nu'unni (Earth: Final Conflict)


  • Oaa'kalni Universe (One Punch Man)
  • Oeekal'valkiln (Outer Worlds)
  • Olnka'suiin (Bible Black)
  • Olkmanikal Universe (home origin of the ancient humans and Kilominitic races, and capital of the Combine)
  • Ool (Roman Empire Earth): 123 (1603 NE)
  • Ou'hjik (Dragon Age)
  • Ou'kizil (Code Geass)


  • Piala (Halo)
  • Peik'telu Universe (The 100)
  • Pol (WW2 Era, Wolfenstein, Sniper Elite, WW2 Call of Duty, Medal of Honor (original WW2 series), Band of Brothers, Heroes and Generals, Men of War, The Pacific, R.U.S.E., Overlord (2018), Company of Heroes, Indiana Jones, War Thunder, Iron Sky, war of the worlds (1953) and harry turtledove worldwar)
  • Puuea'ikuhhi Universe (Monster Prom)
  • Prirotles (Mindustry)
  • Praophire (Minecraft)


  • Qiji'inoppl (Revolution)
  • Qioo'lik Universe (Supreme Commander)
  • Qomar Universe (Endless Holy Wars)
  • Quni'zunqui (Robotech)
  • Qut'iji (World War Z)
    • Rut'iji


  • Raai'kilziu (Daily Life with a Monster Girl)
  • Risank'felex (Freezing)
  • Riuuliua (Starship Troopers)
  • Rito'ghuo (Summoning Japan)
  • Ruii'kyl (RWBY)
  • Ruyti (Borderland)
  • Ruui'iio (Resistance)


  • Sial'lidik (Sliders/various earth counterparts)
    • Alpha/Earth Prime
    • Earth 113
    • Kromagg Prime
  • Sizzx'ixi (League of Legends)
  • Sol
    • Alpha (American Civil War era Earth): 1862 (1574 NE)
    • Beta (Harry Turtledove's Southern Victory series): 1941 (1591 NE)
  • Stapith (Hellboy)


  • Tii’uui (Dune)
  • Tiu'linkui (Harry Potter)
  • Tiuuliz'koolon (Dragonball series)
  • Tiu'lo (World of Warcraft)
  • Tiu'linkui (Harry Potter)
  • Tiuuliz'koolon (Dragonball Z)


  • Uini'ini (Infinity)
  • Ui'eii (Lexx)
  • Uliz'roon (Naruto)
  • Uti'lit (SCP Foundation)
  • Uiu'oppi (Dishonored)


  • Vaee'keenlo Universe (Stellaris, multiple realities)
  • Viau (Star Wars Original Era)
    • Filo (Star Wars AU Prequel Era)
    • Fiau (mirror mirror)
    • Giau (After Legacy)
    • Zilo (Knights of the Old Republic)
    • Xilo Old Republic (Star Wars the Old Republic)
    • Niau (Phantom Menace)
    • Kilo (168 ABY Legency Comics)
    • Yiau (Pre-Republic Era)
  • Vii’torno
    • Alpha Vil'torno (Voltron: Defenders of the Universe)
    • Beta Vil'torno (Voltron Force)
    • Gamma Vil'torno (Voltron: Legendary Defender)
  • Vive'kijiik (XCom series)
  • Voil'liuzz Universe (Future Past)
  • Vol (18th Century Earth): 1760 (1586 NE)
  • Volnk'zoeek (One Piece)
  • Vu’ruu Universe
    • Alpha (Vampires)
    • Beta (Elves)
    • Gamma (Angels and Demons
  • Vuyi'uio
  • Vuytti (Andromeda)
  • Vuyt'tuik (Homeworld)
  • Vyyi'juuio (Magic: The Gathering)


  • Wat'iuuk (Watch Dogs)
  • Wiiaz'rokik (Legend of the Galactic Heroes)
  • Wiit'uti (Falling Skies)
  • Wu'mer Universe (Modern Fantasy: based on a combination of Warcraft, Dragon Age, TERA Online, Metal Gear, ArcheAge, Iron Kingdoms, Star Trek (pre-first contact, 2063), Call of Duty Modern Warfare, Divergent, Tom Clancy Novels, Ace Combat Strangereal, RvBOMally's Warhammer 2K and CNC Generals)


  • Xiu'ui (The Thing)
  • Xuiz (Avatar: The Last Airbender)
  • Xuuti'kjil (Steven Universe)
  • Xuy'ui (Resident Evil)


  • Yiau
  • Yu'linzik (Broken Colonies)
  • Yuii'iooi (Universe At War)


  • Zaat'uiiko (Rising of the Shield Hero)
  • Zat'iuuk (Assassin’s Creed)
  • Zi'nini
    • Alpha
    • Beta
    • Gamma
    • Omega
  • Ziff'li (Warframe)
  • Ziil'rokn Universe (Samurai Champloo)
  • Zii'uyij (Dropzone Commander)
  • Zi'ki (Planet of the Apes Reboot)
  • Zi'ooi (Titanfall and Apex Legends)
  • Ziu'yyhuk Universe (Evolve)
  • Zi'yuij (Ratchet & Clank)
  • Zoa'riktoik (Zootopia)
  • Zol
    • Alpha Zol (Modern Earth (not quite but its' still heavily influenced by our real world): 2008
    • Beta Zol (Afrocentric Modern Earth)
    • Gamma Zol (Homonormative Modern Earth): 2011
    • Delta Zol (Matriatcal Modern Earth): 2011
  • Zuti'lo (Team Fortress 2)


  • Although these universes have been discovered, each of them are only a small portion of a universe that have been explored beyond their galaxy or several.