The Soviet Order of Saturn, also known as The Order, is another Soviet Loyalist government within the multiverse. They are great allies with the Coalition of Bolok. The Order is one of the greatest powers of the United Communist Nations. They discovered an ancient Edanian weapon called the Crucible, which has the ability to destroy an entire fleet in one use. The Edanians want the weapon back, but The Order refuses to return it.


The Soviet Order of Saturn's government is a theocratical communist government. It includes multiple species on it's council. Many representitives of the communist party believe that the government should be plain communism, but the council members and their advisors disagree. They believe that the council has the right to disband the council, not the communist party themselves. 

Representitives of the CouncilEdit

Each representitive of the council is of a different species, all under the wing of communism. There are three high councilors, with 4 other councilors.

  1. Hekter Slovovlak - Human High Councilor
  2. Gelo Xong - Nav'vi High Councilor
  3. Urgnant Bing - Krogan High Councilor
  4. Unknown Cartheon Councilor
  5. Yu Zhengal' Kanoth - Yautja Councilor
  6. John Hannon - Chimeran Councilor
  7. Andre Kulu - Salarian Councilor

Discovery of Anti-Matter DepositsEdit

On the uninhabited moon of Titan, The Order recently discovered anti-matter energy deposits in a few of it's craters. Many powers have tried to seize these deposits, but the United Communist Nations have threatened invasion on all who dare to capture the deposits.


After many years under the communist hammer and sickle, the council wanted to change the way The Order was ran. The council did not want the planet to be under the grip of communism after the Bolokian Uprising, due to the bloodshed. The Order's communist party and the United Communist Nations did not accept this, so they attempted to overthrow the council and replace it's members with fully pledged communists. The people were angered by this attempt once John Hannon leaked out information about the council being overthrown. This caused an anti-communist revolution to occur, causing The Order to fall into both economical and political turmoil. Later, a democratic revolution occured, and both the council and the communist party had to step down. The Soviet Order of Saturn's communist control was now dissolved, and the people of Saturn established the Alliance of Saturn.

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