"These humans think they are better than us! We shall kill them for their speciesism!" - A Chimeran General after the Bolokian War.

The Yo'Ghi Dominion was a group formed by several Chimera living in the Bolokian colonies at the time of the Vokerian-Bolokian Cold War. Even though it was only around for 5 years, it played a significant role in the de-colonization of the Vestan Nebula. They helped both of the Tau Empire and the Compact of Vokeria get rid of the Bolokians.

Spy Conspiracy

There is a conspiracy that the Yo'Ghi Dominon was being operated under the Chimeran government's control. This could be true since the Chimera despise Humanity to it's last level, and they want to get rid of them. This began being protested whether is was true after the Combines and the Chimera betrayed the Axis and started the infamous "Day the Multiverse Burned", which also refers to as the Day of the Apocalypse.

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