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Ever since the creation of the multiverse, there's has been an estimated 1% chance that anyone can seemingly "no-clip", for a lack of a better term, out of the multiverse and end up in the so called Backrooms. This place is found in the Plains of Rebirth and is often regarded as one of the plains oldest realms, a place so ancient that the Entities is unsettled by it, which is usually the reason behind them not entering the realm all that often, as well as other Morts.

In the cases of the multiverse, around 100 people per month disappear into the backrooms and around 2-3 people return. The amount of time it takes is unknown, but is presumed to be months or years. From the survivor's recollection of the backrooms and found footage, the backrooms is not without its own creatures that are hostile. Those who enter, no matter how they are mentally or physically, are prone to being killed by the entites in the backroom. Magic abilites have a somewhat minimal effect on these creatures, and while physcial attacks are possible, it is best advised to use a firearm or be in a group against a single entity of the backrooms. However, the best advice is simply to avoid the entites of the backrooms whenever possible and only fight them if abosultuely necessary.

There are a multitude of levels that exists throughout the backrooms, with some being safe and others being dangerous. The first level is nicknamed the lobby, and this is where everyone starts and is one of the nine main levels of the backrooms. The others are as follows:

  • Level 0: "The Lobby"
  • Level 1: "Habitable Zone"
  • Level 2: "Pipe Dreams"
  • Level 3: "Electrical Systems"
  • Level 4: "Abandoned Offices"
  • Level 5: "The Hotel"
  • Level 6: "Lights out" (the most dangerous part of the backrooms because it is in absolute darkness).
  • Level 7: "Thalassophobia"
  • Level 8: "Cave Systems"

Famous side levels:

6.1 is a level known as the "snackrooms" which is one of the safest places in the backrooms. The entites that roam the backrooms are suprisingly docile and friendly and will never attack unlike in the other levels. Apparently, some sources say that these entities tell jokes and that the so called "Smiler" entity is the only known one that can tell good jokes.

Travel through the backrooms

Travel is mostly through accidental tripping on a wire (in some cases), no-clipping or going through holes or down/up certain staircases. However most methods of travel are unreliable and cannot safely transport a person from point A to point B, however one room in level 0 can still lead to level 1 if luck is in a person's favour.

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Information was gathered from the backrooms fandom which generally has much better information than here currently:

all levels in the backroom fandom are to be persumed to be the same for the great multiverse wiki Backrooms, treat both one as the same though this Backrooms is seprate as this is a fandom