Theresa Yujo was portrayed by Bryce Dallas Howard; here Theresa was working on SRPA Research Lab at Zhecronus

"Ah Count, I knew you were here! I can smell your treasonry a Galaxy"

"Nice to see you too miss..."

-conversation between Theresa and a Count onboard the Grm Reaper I

Theresa Yujo (April 9th, 4004) is the daughter of Akio and Eleanor Yujo and the youngest of the Yujo twins. After she was born, Theresa was placed under the care of an elderly man in the Fop'lla Universe. At the age of 30, she became a senator, representing the Fop'lla Universe, and fought for the Federation when the TransRace Empire invaded her home universe. She was forced to watch her home Galaxy's destruction by the Grim Reaper I. Afterwords, she decaced her life in stopping the TransRace Empire.

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