The Third Human Republic was the government that replaced the Second Human Empire after the Third Human Civil War from 2357 to 2372 before it was reorganized and replaced by the United Federation of Species in 2372 following the end of the First Multiverse War. It became involved in the First War which it involved itself in the "Day the Multiverse Burned", it was replaced by the United Federation of Species after the signing of the Leanmen Peace Threaty

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the Third Human Republic was a Federal Representative Constitutional Republic of which powers was defined by it's constitution. It, like those of the United States and other Federal governments across the Multiverse is split into three branches of government, the legislative Branch (the Assembly; which is divided into two houses, the Council of Universes (lower house) and the Grand Senate (upper house)), the executive branch (Office of the Praetor) and judiciary branch (Supreme Courts). Although short-lived, the Third Republic did, however, change many things from the old Second Empire, including the removal of all heretical titles and ranks, restoring democratic process across Ancient Space and the reorganization of the Imperial Parliament into the Republican Assembly. However, members of it's government decided that it need to be reorganized again to better defined the many species that lives within it and over time, it reorganized into the United Federation of Species in 2372.

List of Praetors of the Third Human Republic (two only) Edit

N0 Name Gender Species Years in Office Political Faction (If any)
1 Zuqaa'ko Suq'iioko Male Human 2357 to 2367 Independent
2 Xiie'kaai Ruu'iuiki Female Human 2367 to 2372 Independent

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