The Tholian Widow Fighter is an small craft. This ship is used by the Tholians in the War.

The Tholian Widow Fighter also comes with a [Thermionic Torpedo Launcher - S], which has a chance to drain weapon and engine power from a target. This is a shuttle variant of the Thermionic Torpedo Launcher. Although other weapons can be fitted with Filo and Viau's Proton Torpedoes or Missile Launchers

Overview Edit

Recent conflicts with the Tholian Assembly have resulted in a handful of captured Tholian vessels. Tholian technology is very different from other Alpha Quadrant powers, and these vessels are prized as opportunities for study as well as new combat vessels. The Tholians' natural environment is hostile to most humanoids, and their ship interiors were designed to support that environment. Much effort has gone into simply modifying the interiors to let personnel board these vessels without environmental suits.

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