"That is... unexpected..."

- three Secret Society troops commented the Allied Angels and Demons fighting alongside Allied personnel during the Battle of London (Soui'guklo) in 2401

The Three Societal Uprising, otherwise known as the Three Societies Revolt and the Three Societies War, is a failed attempted by the three secret societies of Soui'guklo Earth at reestablishing some semblance of control over the world that they once had, though not through a subtle manner like before, a year after the Alliance discovered and annexed the planet in 2400. For the next three-year a brutal conflict would be raged across the planet in which numerous civilians were often caught in the crossfire of the tri-allied societies and the Allied Joint Military but eventually, the Alliance would emerge victorious in 2404, establishing a much firmer hold over the planet as a result, along with the fragmentation of the Dragons and the Illuminati and Templars falling back and hiding in unknown locations.

The bloody affair resulted in over five million Allied loses and an unknown number of Societies loses but the civilian deathtoll was by far the most horrific, with over two hundred and sixty million people killed over the course of the three-year conflict, becoming one of the bloodiest conflicts in Soui'guklo Earth's history.

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