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Thune was a female bounty hunter who owned and operated the starship Faceted. As a youth, she had hoped to one day enroll in the Imperial Academy and serve the Galactic Empire with honor, but her hopes were dashed as she was continually passed over in favor of men. Disillusioned, she became an unscrupulous bounty hunter, surrounding herself with a crew and equipping the Faceted with highly advanced technologies. Thune took several bounties for the Galactic Empire, and after killing Alderaanian businessman Deckland Carper, she inherited his protocol droid, U-THR. She did her utmost to make sure that no record was kept of her past or her movements, and made sure to dress in a casual, unassuming fashion, setting her apart from her more recognizable contemporaries.

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When dealing with targets such as Lando Calrissian, Han Solo, Mirta Gev and BJ Blazkowicz, Thune took on a particularly curt and impatient demeanor. The bounty hunter was immune to Calrissian's charm, and did not engage in pleasantries, instead preferring to simply talk business. She was not averse to the concept of killing an innocent man who was harboring her quality, a trait she was prepared to demonstrate at Club Baobab. When threatened, she would instantly leap into action, and would not hesitate to dispatch any threats to her. In spite of this, she valued her crewmen, and was displeased when they were killed in her service. When she was in a position over power over her quarry, Thune would gloat, and trivialize the situation with humor.

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