The Torian Confederation is a civilization that was once enslaved by the Drengin Empire. As a result, they are usually distrustful of foreigners. The Torians were a wonderful, kind, gentle people. They were a people full of wonder and trust. Were. Needless to say, such instincts led them to being brutally enslaved by the Drengin Empire. The Drengin Empire had found Toria through an unmanned probe 100,000 years ago. They then constructed a stargate and had another probe tow it there. The process took 70,000 years. The Drengin have many faults but impatience isn't one of them. Once the stargate arrived and was activated, the peace-loving Torians were quickly conquered and enslaved. The Torian joined the Alliance of Nations in order to strike back against the Drengin

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