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Torik Rillon

"If joining the Alliance as a protectorate means offering to help us learn to defend and better ourselves against greater threats such as the Hive, then at least I know my people will have a better future."

- Torik discussing terms of alliance with Victoria Haley and Drago.

Torik Rillon was the king of the democratic constitutional monarchy of the Dorahk Kingdom and founding members of the Elsarrah Coalition to unite many nations to fend off the invading Hive and later on other factions, he recieved word of a new faction who aided their allies known as the Alliance of Nations. Torik was at first hesitant to trust them until knowing more about them, but soon disovered other otherworldly forces at play such as the Ascendancy who once visited them on certain parts of the world and a pantheon of so-called gods from Falmart.


Torik was aware of the nations that existed and while his people had advanced without the control of the 'gods', but doubted the Saderan Empire at the time would ever work alongside others who they see as 'barbarians' and use their own vassels as cannon fodder. Realised they were nothing more than puppets of the Ascendancy and not know about it. Torik trusted his second daughter's advice to trust the Alliance as part of the group to begin the Falmart Campaign when the news of the gate has been opened, hoping to recieve better protection and learn from the Alliance for the time being to better defend themselves.

Hive Invasion[]

Falmart Campagin[]

When sending the Coalition fleets to Falmarrt from all sides, he shared some knowledge that they knew of another race far more powerful and mentioned them as ‘The Spirits’ who as he described were beings with incredible power and rotor ted their world from invaders and threats, in exchange for knowledge of the Gate and not use any means to travel without their awareness, he informed the Alliance ambassadors who met them and informed them not to approach with hostilities for their sake, and same to the JSDF as


Family and Relatives[]

  • Neia Rillon (queen/wife, Deceased)
  • Brie Rillon (Daughter)
  • Urik Rillon (Son)

Close Friends[]

Close Rivals[]


  • “I should inform you, not all of us are like the Saderans, we know much fo simple technologies such as your tanks and ships. We are not that primitive acompared to the people of Falmart.”
  • To Molt upon discovering the reason for the Ascendancy’s lack of help and hostilities during the meeting among leaders of Orbis. “You saying that no only does the gate exist, but you opened it regardless of the Ascendancy’s warning of what exist in the other side? It is thanks to you, our world is threatened by the Hive and creatures of horrors. all because of your greed and blindness to the dangers our ancestors have waned us!”