Throughout the multiverse, any practice by which severe pain and/or suffering was inflicted on a being, whether physical or mental, was considered torture.[1] Torture was used for such purposes as obtaining from them or a third party information[2] or a confession,[3] or as punishment for an act an individual had committed or was suspected of having committed.[4] Another motive was pure and simple revenge.[5] Torture also served a function as a way of intimidating or coercing individuals,[6] or for discriminatory reasons of any kind.[7] Occasionally, torture was the adverse byproduct of either medical or scientific research, studies, or procedures, and usually occurred without the expressed consent of the victim.[8] Oftentimes torturous methods were initiated by the directives of heads of state,[9] though other individuals or groups were capable of inflicting torture for the same reasons.[10] Since Force-sensitives can sense the reactions of loved individuals in such extreme situations, torture can be used as a means to manipulate them, even from a considerable distance.[11] However, another motive for torture was simply for the sadistic gratification of the torturer. The Combine's reason for the torture is to force a person to forget everything about their old lives before their capture, in other words, they force a individual into a state of amnesia.

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